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To make sure the shirt fits you well, we will ask you before you finalize your order, to provide us with your measurements or size of the shirt. Your measurements can be safely saved with us for your next purchases.

Shirt measurements – this is the easiest way to provide us with your measurements if you already own a well-fitting shirt. Following our instructions in the configurator, the measuring of your shirt takes only several minutes.

Body measurements – if you do not have a well-fitting shirt already, you can provide us with your body measurements. In this respect, it is practical to ask someone to help you with the measurement. Also, we advise to use a tailor’s measuring tape and to wear a shirt when the measurement is made (the seams help with orientation). Again, you can follow our detailed instructions in our configurator.

In both cases, we review your measurements with our algorithm to make sure the shirt will look proportionally correct. If we have any doubts about your measurements, we will double-check with you.

Standard size – as an alternative to the measurements, you can always choose a standard size shirt. In this regard, you can however also specify, whether you would like slim or regular fit and also opt for longer sleeves and length of the shirt (we recommend this option if you are at least 188 centimetres tall, or if you have longer hands).

Calculation by algorithm – the easiest option is to let our algorithm calculate your measurements on the basis of your weight, height and collar size. You can then review and adjust the individual measurements if you wish.

If the shirt does not fit you well, you can contact us anytime – we will be more than happy to assist you with choosing the right size.

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