Your favorite shirt.

Choose from a wide range of our fabrics. We update our fabrics on regular basis and source only from the world’s greatest mills.

Customize your shirt with a number of details, so it fits your preferences and occasion.

Put in your measurements. Following our instructions, you can for instance measure your body or your favourite shirt.

4. Delivery

We put a lot of care and genuine work to every shirt we make. That is why it takes about 3 to 4 weeks for the shirt to be delivered to you.

Premium Quality

Bespoken is defined by supreme quality of materials and precise tailoring. Thats why we source our materials from the world’s greatest mills, such as Soktas and all our shirts are stitched with a minimum of 16 stitches per inch, which guarantees their durability and perfect look.

Perfect Fit

Our figures are unique. That is why we offer unique handmade custom shirts, which guarantee perfect look and comfort. By the time we confirm your order, our tailor cuts approximately two meters of high quality fabric and transforms it into a perfectly fitted shirt.

Bespoken brings high-quality tailoring into the online environment.

We offer handmade custom shirts, which you can easily order online in just a couple of minutes. Choose from a large catalogue of premium fabrics and dozens of details.

Now, you are only few clicks away from your perfect shirt